BCA-011: Berklee Oral History Project

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Established in 1998, the Berklee Oral History Project (BOHP) seeks to chronicle Berklee’s rich history from those who have lived, shaped, and defined it. In capturing the diverse experiences and perceptions of Berklee faculty, staff, and alumni, Berklee Archives seeks to document Berklee’s pedagogical contributions to music education, as well as the events and issues that have impacted the direction and identity of the institution. This collection comprises video interviews from over 100 individuals closely associated with Berklee College of Music and the Boston Conservatory, including faculty, staff, presidents, and alumni. Some early interviews also feature individuals unaffiliated with Berklee who were active in the Boston jazz community.

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Marti Epstein, composer and Professor of Composition at Berklee College of Music, discusses her early music experiences growing up in Nebraska, her transition to studying composition, memorable teachers, and her experience as a Tanglewood Fellow, especially working with composer Leonard Bernstein. Epstein describes her early years as a professor at Berklee in the 1990s and her approach to teaching composition. She also relates her experiences teaching at the Boston Conservatory, the Conservatory’s merger with the College, and the changes she’s observed at both Berklee and within the Composition department over the course of her career. In particular, Epstein addresses Berklee’s recent sexual harassment headlines and resultant cultural shifts on campus. She also talks about her creative process, her compositions—including a puppet opera—her experiences on the Berklee faculty union, and various former students.

Epstein, Marti
November 16th, 2018
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