Mission Statement

The mission of the Archives is to ensure that robust documentation of the Berklee College of Music is preserved and made available to the Berklee community and to researchers at large.

In accordance with Berklee’s mission and philosophy, the Archives serves as the primary repository for materials documenting the history, activities, and contributions of the Berklee College of Music: its academic and administrative departments, faculty, students, and alumni. In addition, the Archives actively collects materials pertaining to Joseph Schillinger and the Schillinger System of Musical Composition, the history of jazz in Boston, and oral histories chronicling the rich and diverse history of Berklee and Boston music from those who have lived, shaped and defined it. Given Berklee’s stature as a leader in the field of contemporary music, the Archives also welcomes jazz and popular music materials of note.

As a repository primarily dedicated to preserving Berklee’s institutional memory, the Berklee College Archives supervises the College’s records management program, working in conjunction with departments to ensure that materials of enduring value are systematically collected through appropriate records retention and disposition schedules.