At Berklee, we recognize the power of the performing arts to reflect, respond to, and commemorate the current moment, especially times of crisis. 

The Berklee COVID-19 Creative Arts Archiving Project has been created to preserve and make accessible the Berklee community’s artistic experiences of and responses to the global pandemic. We are collecting examples of compositions, performances, creative writing, images, and other artistic output created during and about this unprecedented time by Berklee students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Accepted materials will be preserved as a digital collection in the Berklee Archives. 

Not only is such grassroots primary source documentation essential to supporting future understanding of COVID-19’s impact, we also hope it will serve as a cathartic outlet for those of us moved to create. By contributing your work and personal perspective, you can help Berklee remember how the COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted our community and transformed our work and lives. 

NOTE:  Berklee faculty members interested in submitting teaching records, as well as Berklee administrators who would like to help preserve official records, please contact


There are two ways to contribute to the project:

  1. Upload your digital materials and/or answer a questionnaire about your experience with this webform.
  2. Plan to donate your physical records such as music, creative writing, a diary or journal, printed photos, or artwork to Berklee Archives once campus is reopened

All contributors must sign an agreement allowing the Berklee Archives to preserve their submission and acknowledging the Terms and Conditions, which includes information about copyright and use of their content. 

After you submit

After submissions are appraised and processed by Berklee Archives staff, they will be presented as a digital collection on our website.  Please note that accepted items will not be available immediately. 

You are invited to contribute your work and individual reflections multiple times over the coming months as we continue to move through this historic event. 

For additional assistance, questions, or suggestions about this initiative, email