Bobby Vince Paunetto papers

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Paunetto, Bobby Vince
Bobby Vince Paunetto papers
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Bulk, 1973-1993
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8.5 Cubic feet : 3 record cartons, 1 half record carton, 2 flat storage boxes, 1 large flat storage box, 1 small media box, 10 reels.

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[Identification of item], in the Bobby Vince Paunetto papers, BCA-005. College Archives, Stan Getz Library, Berklee College of Music.

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Biographical Note

Bobby “Vince” Paunetto ‘73 (June 22, 1944-August 10, 2010) was a vibraphonist and composer whose music fused salsa and jazz in innovative ways. Born and raised in the Bronx, Paunetto showed a predilection for music at an early age and was strongly influenced in his teens by vibraphonist Cal Tjader.

Paunetto composed his first piece, “Nuance,” in 1962 and released his first album, El Sonido Moderno, in 1964. After serving briefly in the U.S. army (1965-1967), Paunetto returned to New York and continued performing. Shortly thereafter, Paunetto attended Berklee College of Music from 1969-1973, where he studied closely with Gary Burton. Other influential teachers included John LaPorta, Herb Pomeroy, Paul Schmeling, Michael Rendish, and Alan Dawson.

Paunetto then released two subsequent albums: Paunetto’s Point (1974) and Commit to Memory (1976), the first of which was nominated for a Grammy in 1975. Just as his promising career as a composer and bandleader was on the rise, however, Paunetto was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1977. Although this forced an end to his career as a performer, Paunetto was eventually able to return to composing, writing 300 works between 1985 and 1993 and releasing two final recordings: Composer in Public (1998) and Reconstituted (2001).

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Scope and Contents

Scores, audio recordings, and other related materials created and collected by vibraphonist and Latin jazz composer Bobby Vince Paunetto ‘73. Scores include original compositions, arrangements, and sketches. Other papers include publicity-related correspondence, lists of compositions, and some class assignments. Audiovisual materials include both published and unpublished recordings in reel, DAT, and compact disc formats.

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This collection has been minimally processed. Materials have been arranged roughly in the original order at the time the papers were formally accessioned, although an attempt was made to separate oversized scores, media, and personal papers from the rest of the scores. Little discernible original order was apparent at the time of processing. While folders are numbered consecutively from beginning to end of the collection, the following numbers are not assigned because those materials were consolidated and assigned to other folders in the late stages of processing: folder numbers 1, 34, 41, 59, 62, 66, 97, 211, 236.

The box list is as follows:

* Boxes 1-3: scores

* Boxes 4-6: oversized scores

* Box 7: other materials (coursework, correspondence, and personal papers)

* Box 8: CDs and cassettes

* Boxes 9-16: reels

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This non-circulating collection is open for research use by appointment on site at the college archives (Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with evening hours available upon request). Advance notice is required to retrieve archival items because these materials are stored offsite. Use of audiovisual materials may require the production of listening or viewing copies. To schedule an appointment or request further information, please email ( or call (617-747-8001) the college archivist.

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  • Latin jazz

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Collection Inventory

 Box 1 Scores (folders 2-82)   : 1 records carton.

Box Inventory

2. The Contra-Bean

3. The Foreign Glasses

4. The Contra-Bean

5. Emotional Currency

7. Hilary (‘88); He’s a Savings and Loan Kind of Guy! (‘95); A Point Well Stolen (‘92)

8. Daddy’s Motorcar

9. “Good Evening Your Grace” “Good Evening My Lord”

11. The Only Years of My Life (‘68 & ’85)

12. Gettin’ on With More Loving; Those Other Mornings

13. Leaving Things Alone

14. I’m Not Older, I’m better

16. Sweet Tears

17. Miscellaneous Compositions

18. Send to Me Your Letter Box (‘90)

19. For You! “John, Paul, Ringo, George, and George Martin”

20. In the Harbor of Cadiz (‘92)

21. In a Spec of Time (‘88)

22. For The “Friends Irish” I’ve Made

23. The Day Mom Lived...Life Began

24. The Blue Marble

25. Reconstituted - lead sheet; Give Me Your Eyes to Dry

26. Subtle Thoughts

27. Time Frame

28. I’ll Always Pass This Way

29. American Subjects

30. Miscellaneous Compositions (Brother Will; Silva, Horn, & Down-Pat!; Say What, Say Now?; Guns in Stereo)

31. Always Stand on Your Fears (‘86)

32. A Little of Family Goes a Long Way

33. By Water’s Edge

35. It Shouldn’t Hurt to Be a Child ‘80

36. Venezia

37. Sing My Song Tomorrow (‘79)

38. Mirror Images (‘78)

39. The Plot Thickens

40. I Was Not Born to Hide

42. In a Blue Fashion

43. Quiet in the Winter’s Palace (‘87)

44. Co-Hearsed

45. Jazz for the Silent Majority

46. Dirt Cheap Meets Dirt!

47. In the Harbor of Cadiz

48. Silva! Horn! and Down-Pat!

49. The Contra-Bean

50. Slovenly Hilled Curves!

51. Reconstituted

52. Turning on the Memories! & Foreign Glasses

53. Miscellaneous compositions (The Gray Matter; Silva, Horn, & Down-Pat; ”Song for Marilyn” by Marty Sheller [photocopies]; ”Marvelous Marvin” by Marty Sheller; ”Song for Marilyn” by Marty Sheller; Certificate of Registration with the US Copyright Office for: “Songs of Peace of Mind”; Love Seems to Find (The One That Brings It Home); Slovenly Hilled Curves!; Silva! Horn! & Down-Pat!)

54. Paunetto’s Point II

55. Miscellaneous compositions (Nardis; Sweet Tears; Paunetto’s Point II; El Catalan; Terrestrial Life; Spanish Maiden; ”Love is for the Very Young,” by David Raksin, arr. Bobby Paunetto; Green Dolphin Street, Arr. Bobby Paunetto; Heavy on the Bacon; In Times Time; Fenway Funk, by Ed Byrne; In Times Time)

56. Visiting Other People’s Lives

57. Muito Brigado (‘88)

58. Miscellaneous compositions (Con Mi Paso; Novanco, by Paunetto and John Marrero; De Mi Amor; Aqui Voy Yo; Tu Carino; Guajira El Sid; Something for O.M.; Guajira Con Sabor; Guajira Dulce; Mi Paso; Tu Carino; Novanco; De Mi Amor; Guajira Dulce; Guajira Dulce; Con Pena)

60. 1970’s Compositions (Slovenly Hilled Curves; Turning On The Memories!; ”In Walked Bud” by T. Monk; Turning on The Memories!; In the Harbor of Cadiz; Dirt Cheap Meets Dirt!; Foreign Glasses; Co-Hearsed; Emotional Currency; The Contra-Bean; Reconstituted; Cohearsed; Foreign Glasses; Silva! Horn! and Down-Pat!; Reconstituted; Emotional Currency; Foreign Glass; Turning on the Memories!; The Contra-Bean; In the Harbor of Cadiz)

61. One Nation Under a Roof

63. Your Luck Starts Hear (‘89)

64. Co-Hearsed (‘90)

65. My Private Think Tank (‘89)

67. My Time, Your Zone 12/89

68. Free Radical (‘92)

69. I Was Alive When Babe Ruth Lived (‘89) (dedicated to Babe Ruth)

70. Emotional Currency (‘89)

71. Placebo Junction

72. In the Harbor of Cadiz (‘92)

73. Foreign Glasses (‘97)

74. Silva! Horn! & Down-Pat! (‘96)

75. Slovenly Hilled Curves (‘95)

76. My Brother the Great (‘85)

77. Jazz for the Silent Majority (‘93)

78. Co-Hearsed

79. Emotional Currency

80. Reconstituted

81. Dirt Cheap Meets Dirt!

82. The Contra-Bean

 Box 2 Scores (folders 83-167)   : 1 records carton.

Box Inventory

83. Foreign Glasses

84. Miscellaneous Compositions (Don’t Want No Collision! (No Quico Tropgon!); New “Peace”; Blues in Six-Pack; Sweet Tears; My Reverie by DeBussy, arr. Paunetto)

85. Commit to Memory / Sonata for Flute and Piano

86. Miscellaneous Compositions (Untitled compositions; Romancing a Whisper; Reconstituted; Venezia; New “Peace”; The Beautifully Flawed Game; To Reach is to Grow; Give Me Your Eyes to Dry; A Moment of Peace, by Abraham Labokiel and Frank Zattoli; Give Me Your Eyes to Dry; Beautiful lady; Not in the Recent Past; New “Peace”; The Foundlings; Heart Eyes; Telepathic Sympathy; Give Me Your Eyes to Dry; ”Do Take The Camel Hair!” “No, I’ll Take The Vicuna!”; “Just Say I’ve Missed You”)

87. “Rudi Fueser” / “Conextion Latina”

88. Miscellaneous Compositions (Bodies From Works; Listening to the Wireless; How Do You Forgive Yourself?; Something Humanly Awful...Starvation; Something Humanly Awful...Starvation [piano reduction])

89. Miscellaneous Compositions (Turning on the Memories!; Morning Waltz by Kenny Werner; Untitled lead sheet; Warp Factor 1; If It’s Too Swing? You’re Too Old (‘90))

90. Roots Canal (Vocal Color)

91. Social Intercourse

92. The Meliorist

93. “Side Barr” (Let’s Take a)

94. The Other Army

95. Citizen of the World, by Billy Drewes

96. Similar to Mind (‘94)

98. Halcyon (“Have a Great Day”)

99. The Classroom Speaks

100. Bodies From Works (‘93)

101. 1 Mile to Home

102. Live Happily Well

103. Miscellaneous compositions (The Pinned Down Girl!; Call to Thee Forever; What A Breath Of Kindness; On the Count of Now!)

104. When Time and Space Reconcile

105. No Rest for the Weary (‘90)

106. Miscellaneous compositions (A Fresh Read of Each Other; [Untitled composition] (‘94); [Misc. untitled compositions]; Commit to Memory; Making Birth)

107. For a Happy Max (Jazz Suite) (‘89 & ‘91)

108. Notations In Blue (‘97)

109. Absolute Fusionist

110. Just Musing (‘90)

111. They’re On A Roll and I’m on the Buns (Jazz Fusion) (‘92)

112. Weep No More

113. Beyond Con-Tent (‘01)

114. Halcyon (Have a Great Day!) (‘90)

115. Insatiable You (‘88)

116. A Reason For All Reasons (‘89)

117. Video Grandstand (‘90)

118. The Average American Country (‘89)

119. The Philistine Pharmacy (‘95)

120. For Billy & Joan...From Bobby Vince (‘02)

121. To Reach Is to Grow

122. The Urban Tin Cup (‘91)

123. Miscellaneous Compositions (It’s By Accidental; [Untitled composition]; Floundering Fishes Lyrics sheet 1978 [photocopies])

124. If It’s Not Baroque Don’t Fix It (‘90)

125. Miscellaneous Compositions (A Fresh Read of Each Other; Bodies From Works; The Urban Tin Cup; Salary Road; Bodies From Works; Those Other Mornings; Beyond Con-Tent; Untitled compositions)

126. The Combat Theatre (‘90)

127. Some Cloaks...No Daggers (‘97)

128. “Roma: La Citta Eterna” “Rome: The Eternal City” (‘89)

129. For My Friends...Cal & Pat Tjader!

130. In the Bastile There’s No Afterwards... / The Classroom Speaks

131. A Not Too Important Natural (‘92)

132. The Reticent Marshal (‘90)

133. Will You Play With Me Again? (‘90)

134. Listening to the Wireless (‘91)

135. If It’s Too Swing? You’re Too Old!

136. Elis Regina (’89)

137. I’ll Be There in a Short Hurry (‘91)

138. The Reading Room (‘88)

139. Miscellaneous compositions (Video Grandstand; Tender Are The Giving (‘93); Young...Before We Were Once (‘05); “My Favorite Fortune”)

140. Very Gallant (‘89)

141. In Living Audio (‘90)

142. Fresh Legs (‘02); Civil Divorce Or I Don’t Dig On You Anymore...!; Fresh Legs

143. How Do You Forgive Yourself? (‘92)

144. They Come From A Long Time Ago...The Shulmans (‘01)

145. [Untitled composition] (‘96)

146. Societal Mannerings (‘89)

147. Commit to Memory (‘73)

148. In Business We’re All Swiss

149. Windows for the Worlds (‘88)

150. One Mile to Home [“First work of ‘90’s” written on original folder]

151. Covering the Angel (‘04)

152. The Environs (‘86)

153. Radio ‘Plause

154. I’ll Always Pass This Way

155. Later Than A Century

156. Concourse for Cortisans (‘96)

157. Missing the Outside Corner (‘94)

158. Quintessentially Yours (‘86)

159. The Sand in My Shoes! (‘97)

160. As I Paint the Music (‘86)

161. Serene Contemplation (‘86)

162. Telepathic Sympathy (‘85)

163. We Have An Ear For Pain (‘85)

164. Creative Living (‘86)

165. Warp Factor One

166. You’re Like Variations on Many Themes (‘89)

167. Miscellaneous compositions (Give Me Your Eyes To Dry; Cubano Chant by Ray Bryant; The Way It’s Businessed; Nuance; She’s My Main Squeeze; [Illegible writing] Insult: My Name Is We the People; Lucid)

 Box 3 Scores (folders 168-263)   : 1 records carton.

Box Inventory

168. Miscellaneous compositions (Untitled Compositions; Turning On the Memories; Co-hearsed; The Lands Below the Oceans; Untitled Composition)

169. Feeling Weatherly (‘88)

170. I Love You With Some Buts (‘87 & ’89)

171. Falling About Face (‘78)

172. To Love Today Is Best (‘86)

173. Interiors (‘88)

174. Miscellaneous compositions (Eastern Airlines; When Love Turns A Cheek, Love Kisses The Other; “Good Evening Your Grace” / “Good Evening My Lord”; Serene Contemplation; [Untitled composition]; Visiting Other People’s Lives; Half Way To Everywhere; I Don’t Want to Miss a Minute of You; We Have An Ear for Pain; Checks and Balances; [Untitled composition]; The Latest Thing in the Magazine; Clare Fischer; [Untitled composition by Arthur Stoeller])

175. Get A Life (‘89)

176. It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humility (‘91)

177. You’re Real Corporate, You’ll Do Great (‘90)

178. “Do Take the Camel Hair!” “No, I’ll Take the Vicuna!” (‘91)

179. Birthdays (‘85)

180. “Suite” Death By Dramatic Insult: “My Name Is We The People” (‘86)

181. The Standing Motorist (‘97)

182. Salary Road (‘95)

183. [Untitled composition]

184. My Mercurial Friends (‘94)

185. Miscellaneous compositions (If You Come Back; Know Your X’s and O’s/Babe Ruth/Video Grandstand; Know Your X’s and O’s)

186. Jazz for the Silent Majority (‘93)

187. Movies (‘90)

188. Transpositions

189. Music: The Elixir of Life (‘84)

190. Voice of Illness (‘89)

191. Miscellaneous Compositions (Why Are You Blue? by Gary McFarls, arr. Bobby Paunetto; [Untitled composition, by unknown composer]; Coral; Send to Me Your Letter Box; [Untitled Composition (‘92)]; [Untitled compositions]; The Contra-Bean; Badassaro; Fenway; Babe Ruth (‘89))

192. Miscellaneous Compositions (The Sum of the People Equals; Mirror Images; Badassaro; Love Is Sufficient Onto Love; The Lands Below the Oceans; [Untitled composition]; A Lost Page; Weep)

193. Ask the Citizenry (‘87)

194. A Celebrated Case (‘85)

195. Alexandra the Great! (‘96)

196. From Humble Beginnings to Humble Conclusion (‘89)

197. Some Out-Patients (‘89)

198. I’m Dreamy Too! (‘92)

199. A Sail for Two Cities (‘89)

200. The Always Spotlite (‘95)

201. Anunciacao by Abraham Laboriel (‘76)

202. A Point Well Stolen

203. Insatiable You!

205. Miscellaneous (untitled) compositions

206. A Choice for Chance

207. Notebook of musical exercises and theory

208. Miscellaneous Compositions [by other composers unless otherwise noted] (How Insensitive (Insensatez); For V.C.; ”Brother” Will by Bobby Paunetto; Bluesette; Memories of Tomorrow; Peace/Short Snort; All I Want Is Your Loving; Mambo Son Con Pena arr. Bobby Paunetto; Grad Bucho by Bobby Paunetto; A Hybrid Situation by Bobby Paunetto; De Mi Amor by Bobby Paunetto; [Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto (‘76)]; Aguantando; [Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto]; Paunetto’s Point II by Bobby Paunetto (‘74); Straight, No Chaser; Heavy on Dee Bacon by Bobby Paunetto)

209. Art n Peg by Bobby Paunetto

210. Ballet by Mike Gibbs

212. Que Sigan La Commentando by Bobby Paunetto

213. Grow Your Own by Keith Jarrett

214. Miscellaneous Compositions [by other composers unless otherwise noted] (Free Fall; 502 Blues; Eiderdown; Have You Met Miss Jones; Israel; Whisper Not/Israel; Born to Be Blue; The Raven; The Breeze; [Untitled composition by Harry Drabkin]; [Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto]; Jingle by Bobby Paunetto; Radio Jingle; Once Upon a Time That Never Was; Stretto 1 by Bobby Paunetto; Tones for Joan’s Bones; In Your Quiet Place; Jungle Warfare; Ostinato; Nowhere; Junto A Ti; [Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto]; [Untitled composition]; Corta El Bonche; [Untitled composition]; Playboy; Profiles; [Untitled composition]; For Francis; Woodwind; Nuckle-Head; Longing; 853 Riverside Drive; On the Third Day)

215. [Untitled composition by Mike Gibbs]

216. Subtle Thoughts by Bobby Paunetto (‘71)

217. Morning Waltz by Kenny Werner

218. Litha by Chick Corea

219. Clair de Lune

220. Miscellaneous Compositions [by other composers unless otherwise noted] (Las Vegas Tango; Free Fall; [2 untitled compositions by Bobby Paunetto (‘78)]; Tell Me a Bedtime Story; [Untitled composition]; Slowly Gone--Bygone; Manteca; Triste; It Don’t Mean a Thing; Untitled Composition; The Rabbit; Round Midnight/Witchcraft; My Romance; Lonnie’s Lament; Short Snort; E.S.P.; Waltzin’)

221. Blue Bossa

222. Weep by Gary McFarland

223. Miscellaneous Compositions [many by other composers] (Melodic Embellishment; Joy Spring; Tune-Up; Seven Steps to Heaven; Take the “A” Train; Peri’s Scope; [Untitled composition]; Woody’n You; Like Someone [in Love?]; Little Sunflower; Fortune Smiles; [Untitled Composition]; Three Flowers; Nardis; Nardis/Minority; My Ship; [Untitled composition]; 3 Short Todays; June the Fifteenth, 1967; [Untitled composition]; Deluge; Crystal Silence; Semblance; [Untitled composition])

224. Windows by Chick Corea

225. Miscellaneous compositions [by other composers unless otherwise noted] ([Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto]; 1st Etude by Alfred Uhl, arr. R. Ross; Passacaille; [Untitled composition]; Nonsequence; [Untitled composition]; Nuance; One Note Samba; Yellow is the Color; [Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto]; Cuban Fantasy/Lady’s a Tramp; How My Heart Sings; Ida Lupino; I Don’t Know; Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars; Days and Nights Waiting; [Untitled composition by Thomas Pierson])

226. For You! My Friend? by Bobby Paunetto

227. Miscellaneous compositions [many by other composers] (Tu Desdicha; My Song; Day Waves by Chick Corea; Nearness of You; Flamingo; Que Sera; Para Ti; [Untitled composition]; Waltz for Maritza; -What’s New/Quizas, Quizas, Quizas; If You Would Take My Hand; My Friendship; Liturgy; I Should Care; MilesTones; Memories of Tomorrow; Oleo; You Don’t Know What Love Is; SJo; Ted Pease Hit by Bobby Paunetto; [Untitled composition])

228. Desert Air (unknown composer)

229. Miscellaneous compositions [by other composers unless otherwise noted] (Ear Training by Bobby Paunetto; [Untitled composition] by Bobby Paunetto and Tom Harrell (‘96); [Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto (‘78)]; Now, Goodbye; [Untitled composition]; [Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto (‘77)]; Cuando Regreses; Scales sheet; Como En Vietnam; Where’s Joe?; [Untitled composition by Bobby Paunetto]; Itno Del Sol; Rapport; All the Things You Are; [Untitled composition by D. Samuels]; Flashback; The Dolphin; Gloria’s Step; The Thrill is Gone; Mi Hermano; Walter L.; [Untitled composition by Thomas Pierson]; A Time for Love; Joann; Gittin’ Down; [Untitled composition]; Eye; Dolphin)

230. Miscellaneous compositions [by other composers unless otherwise noted] ([Untitled composition]; Crystal Silence; Good Bucks by Bobby Paunetto; Menuet; Gavotte/Bourree; Beneath it All; I Remember Clifford; [Untitled composition by D. Samuels]; [Untitled compositions; Prelude by Van Kriedt; Homage to Malcolm; One for Gunja; Waltz for a Lovely Wife; Soul Village; Something (Beatles); Illusions of...; Trackdown; [Untitled composition by Thomas Pierson]; [Untitled Composition])

231. Miscellaneous compositions [by other composers unless otherwise noted] (Junta; Three Loves; The Fields we Know; Good Bucks; [Untitled composition by R. Ross, arr. D Samuels]; Courante; B-G; Family Joy; What the World Needs Now; Glad Bag; Stella by Starlight; Portsmouth Figurations; I’m Your Pal; Elizete; Spanish Maiden by Bobby Paunetto; [Untitled compositions]; Perdido; [Untitled composition by Thomas Pierson]; Coral Keys/Waltz for Zweetie; [Untitled composition by Arthur Stoeller])

232. Composition Notes (Lullaby of the Leaves/You and the Night and the Music (same side of paper); Going Out of My Head; Assorted ”Composition Notes” pages)

233. Laura (lyrics by Johnny Mercer, Music by David Raksin)

234. Amalgam by James Burt

235. Miscellaneous Compositions (Fugue (Stretto 1); Beyond Content; Night Shift [unknown composer]; Blue by Todd Anderson; [Untitled drafts])

237. The Forensic Family (‘96)

238. Pathos (‘89)

239. Miscellaneous Compositions (Making Birth (‘93); Untitled compositions; Alexandra the Great)

240. Beautiful Lady

241. When You Come Back to Stay

242. Keep Laughing

243. [Untitled compositions]

244. He’s a Savings and Loan Kind of Guy! (‘95)

245. For Those With Nocturnals in Their Nature (‘92) [#23 written on original folder]

246. For Vince Guaraldi (‘94)

247. This Happy Feeling (‘80)

248. Foregrounds (‘86)

249. Galvanized Attention (‘86)

250. Miscellaneous Compositions [1984 Compositions 1] (Untitled compositions; The Gray Matter; Mr. Sinatra [draft]; Don’t Want No Collision; It’s the Fallacy of Moot; Terrestrial Life; Reconstituted; Venezia; The Beautifully Flawed Game)

251. Mambo Son Con Pena [1984 Compositions 2]

252. Miscellaneous compositions [1984 Compositions 3] (The Standing Motorist; [Untitled compositions]; Dirt Cheap Meets Dirt!; A Moment of Peace; Love Is Sufficient Onto Love; Aurora; She’s My Main Squeeze; Sweet Tears; Heart Eyes; Fortnight; New “Peace”)

253. Emotional Currency [1984 Compositions 4]

254. [Untitled composition] [1984 Compositions 5]

255. ”M & M” “Marilyn and Marty” / [untitled draft]

256. Miscellaneous compositions ([Untitled compositions]; Twelve tone row and various melodic affectations; The Foundlings; Say It Now!)

257. Miscellaneous compositions (Forked Ey; Untitled Compositions; For Marilyn & Marty (M & M) [draft]; Covering the Angel New Work! [draft]; Badassaro)

258. Carbon Base Units (‘88)

259. Lucid (‘78)

260. [Untitled composition] / Return to Forever...And More!

261. So Long...! (‘90)

262. [Untitled composition]

263. The Contra-Bean

 Box 4 Oversized scores (folders 264-274)   : 1 small flat storage box.

Box Inventory

264a. Social Intercourse

264b. Social Intercourse [different version]

265. Humanhood

266. From Broadway to Rivers Flow

267. Peace Finds Peace

268. Mary Red

269. Loving in One’s Own Time

270. June the Twelveth 1978

271. What a Love

272. Something Humanly Awful...Starvation

273. Miscellaneous Scores (When You Come Back to Stay; Keep Laughing; It Could Be Worse; Our Love Has Grown, by John Mamero and Bobby Vince Paunetto; Something Humanly Awful...Starvation; The Day We Weren’t Home...!; Reconstituted; [Untitled composition, composer unknown])

274. Da Lontano, Il Giorno: From a Distance, A New Day

 Box 5 Oversized scores (folders 275-284)   : 1 small flat storage box.

Box Inventory

275. Foreign Glasses

276. Love is For The Very Young

277. Visiting Other People’s Lives [1984 Compositions 5]

278. A Celebrated Case

279. Sigan Commentando

280. Untitled Composition

281. Dirt Cheap Meets Dirt!

282. Turning on the Memories

283. Walk on By

284. Foreign Glasses

 Box 6 Oversized scores (folders 285-291)   : 1 large flat storage box.

Box Inventory

285. Reconstituted

286. Co-Hearsed

287. Sweet Tears (‘72) by Bobby Vince Paunetto and Martin A. Smith

288. Miscellaneous compositions (Untitled compositions; The Greening of America (Is About to Take Place); I Didn’t Know What Time it Was; I’ve Never Been in Love Before; Keeping Laughing; Very Early)

289. I’m The Gleam of Your Eyes

290. This Happy Feeling

291. [Coursework 1/2]

 Box 7 Other materials (folders 292-302)   : 1 half records carton.

Box Inventory

292. [Coursework 2/2]

293. Berklee coursework [bound portfolio]

294. Tune lists and publicity1/3

295. Tune lists and publicity 2/3

296. Tune lists and publicity 3/3

297. Legal records 1996-2002

298. Correspondence 1990-2009

299. Academic papers & assignments

300. Email correspondence 2002-2007

301. Personal papers (Tune lists & lyrics)

302. Photo negatives from 1976 CTM date

 Box 8 Audio recordings (CDs and DATs)   : 1 small media box.

Box Inventory


1. Safety Master 11/21/94

2. Bobby Vince Paunetto Final Mixes

3. Commit to Memory Transfer 2 TK

4. [Untitled, 11/8/94]

5. RSVP Jazz Paunetto’s Point Safety 1/19/98

6. Bobby Vince Paunetto Safety 11/8/94

7. Paunetto ‘87


1. Paunetto’s Point (2) - 2007

2. Composer in Public (2) - 1996

3. Commit to Memory (2) - 2002

 Box 9 Reel 1: You’re Jivin’ Me Crazy; Reel 2: When I Got Disconnected   : 2 reels in 1 box.

 Box 10 Reel 3: Composer in Public/The Beautifully Flawed Game; Reel 4: Bottle The Edge   : 2 reels in 1 box.

 Box 11 Reel 5: Romancing a Whisper/You’re a Wonderment   : 1 reel.

 Box 12 Reel 6: Movies   : 1 reel.

 Box 11 Reel 7: Beautifully Flawed Game   : 1 reel.

 Box 14 [Reel 8: Love Seems To... / If You... / Jacket Listens / Out Head / Birthdays)]   : 1 reel.

 Box 15 [Reel 9: Say It Now/The Foundling]   : 1 reel.

 Box 16 [Reel 10: Opening / Coral / Opening / Coral / Spanish Maiden]   : 1 reel.